Clutch Announced Scalater as Uruguay’s Best Web Developer for 2021

The web development space is incredibly vast. There are a lot of notable names and evolving technologies that may seem daunting at first. When we first started this company, Scalater, we understood what we were facing. Located in Montevideo, Uruguay, our team was founded amidst adversities, and we know how hard it is to rise despite countless hurdles.

In honor of our team’s dedication throughout the year, we’re absolutely excited to announce that Scalater was recently recognized as a 2021 Clutch Leader in Uruguay’s web development space!

“We’re very proud to be part of such a prominent and prestigious platform as Clutch. Being recognized by them is an achievement for all our team. Thanks to Clutch and our clients who trusted us with their businesses, projects, and resources.” 

— Guillermo, Chief Executive Officer of Scalater.


For those of you who don’t know, Clutch is an independent B2B review platform from Washington DC. The site annually conducts research to rank and find the best service providers from all around the world. Clutch’s analysts meticulously go through complex data, taking into account variables like client reviews, market position, and case studies.

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Thank you so much to all our clients who put their trust in us. Your support is the reason why we’re able to celebrate this milestone. Nothing beats your appreciation for what we do!

Moving forward, we hope to see more reviews from our clients next year! We aspire to reach greater heights, and your support can push us further.

Want to bring your dream website to life? Get in touch with us, and let’s get started! Scalater is excited to begin working with you!

Scalater in the future

This, is our first year of life, we have had a fascinating journey, and recently we launched our blog/magazine, we’re very proud that this article is one of the first we’ll ever have, such an honor and in such a gestational stage.

Of course, for us, more important than this distinction are our team members. They’re from all over Latin America, and they often face tough challenges in their countries because of the situations we all know Latin American people suffer from. Scarcity, political instability, and labor precarity. Despite that, we always face the day with a smile for working in such an extraordinary and horizontally-handled workplace, fighting the good fight, as they say.

We think that the SaaS industry is the future, and in that future is the hope the human race needs to go forward towards an unknown future that gets darker by the minute.

Also, in Scalater, we’re committed to our clients, our most important asset and the driving force of all our day-to-day activities. We’re committed to sparse the knowledge to bring better life quality to all our similar, and we think we can make a difference, with all the agencies out there doing the same as us.

We have many projects in mind, markets we would like to reach, and alliances we’d like to arrange, but moving forward, we can all be sure that we’ll behave the same way we’ve been doing, forward-looking, and with pride but also humble.

This was a little different from the articles we are used to writing, but we wanted to say what is in our hearts.

Thanks to all, and let’s have a lovely week.

Scalater Team

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