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Scalater, a top custom development agency, excels in Shopify & WordPress solutions. Our skilled team crafts unique plugins, themes, and integrations to boost your online presence, drive sales, and captivate users. Opt for Scalater's unmatched expertise in WordPress & Shopify development - elevate your website and thrive! 🚀💻✨

Web Development

Our Services

WorPress Development

Experience Scalater's exceptional WordPress development, tailored to your business needs. Our experts craft innovative themes, plugins, and integrations, enhancing your site's functionality and captivating users. Partner with Scalater and unlock the true potential of your online presence. Transform your website, and grow your business.

Shopify Development

Elevate your e-commerce with Scalater's Shopify custom development service. Our experts create bespoke themes, apps, and integrations, enhancing store performance and engaging customers. Unlock your Shopify store's potential with Scalater's dedicated expertise and boost your online business success.

Audit Service

Expert Assessment

Various departments in Scalater will work together to provide a detailed analysis of a business's digital presence, thoroughly evaluating the current status of your online footprint and providing invaluable feedback and possible optimization opportunities to maximize your success in the online marketplace.

All-inclusive Report

You will be presented with a final report containing all evaluation and feedback, suggestions for steps you can take and explanations for how you could begin to take them, and an analysis of how these changes may affect your business with some guidance to manage whatever path your business chooses to move forward.

Action Plan

Businesses can utilize the report to make informed decisions about how to proceed and they will have an effective tool for moving to the next level when they are ready to do so.

Our Work Process

Free Consultation Call

Get in contact with us today and we can schedule a free hangout call with one of our experts who can explain to you all the improvement opportunities we could find on your website. After the call, a PDF will be sent to your email with the results of the severity score.

Integrating Improvements

We can deliver our suggestions for improvement in two different ways. With the “Do it For Me” option you’ll receive a contract from us for a service package and our team of professionals will take care of everything for you. If you would prefer the “Do It Yourself” approach, we will provide you with a PDF with guidance for applying the improvements on your own.

Measurement & Delivery

At the conclusion of the service, we will provide you with a report describing the result of the audit, then you will be able to create a plan to run the optimization over your production website or we could do it for you.
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Why Scalater?

Our multidisciplinary team of professionals know how to better engage your target customers through the creation of an intuitive user experience, a visually stunning web design that honors your brand, and a high-performing, optimized website. Take your business online or elevate your digital footprint to the next level with Scalater!

Our Team Members

CEO, Guillermo Figueroa
Guillermo Figueroa
Commercial Head, Amadys Morera
Amadys Morera
Commercial Head
Frontend SemiSenior, Edilson Nuñez
Edilson Nuñez
Front end (Founder)
Backend Senior, Yoannis Pérez
Yoannis Pérez
Backend Senior
QA Senior, Leidiana Sánchez
Leidiana Sánchez
QA Senior (Founder)
Developer Junior, Abril González
Abril González
Dev (Junior)

Who can enjoy our Services?

People or companies which identify the need to improve their online presence, experienced or beginners, being committed to obtain quality results and value their time and ours.

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