You have a problem that you haven’t seen before or it’s too difficult to solve? That’s our specialty!

Plugin creation/implementation

If you have a goal in mind and you can’t reach it for technical reasons, you can implement a purchased plugin, or we can create a customized product specifically to solve your problem.


We can establish a month-to-month basis alliance to maintain and support your website and APIs. We make sure nothing (wrong) happens


Automate repetitive and redious tasks like emailing prospects and customars, answering FAQ and other clients’ requests. Come join us in the year 3000!

High complexity code modification and sanitization

Do you have a high complexity problem that requires high complexity problem solving and a lot of coding? Just let us know where and when can we start working together

Theme creation or customization

You have your dream theme, but it doesn't adapt to your needs, or you need your customized theme created? We can do that no problem!

Single page Application

Do you need a simple, elegant, and super-speedy solution for your single-page web? We can create a Single Page Application for your customers to fly over it.