Web accessibility. Do you know if your website has the requirements?  Audit your website in 6 steps

Web accessibility is a primary issue in the digital era, ensuring your website’s accessibility is not just about compliance—it’s a cornerstone of ethical design and business acumen. Scalater, a leader in innovative web solutions, brings you an expanded guide to conducting a detailed accessibility audit. This guide goes beyond the basics, empowering you to not only identify but also rectify accessibility barriers, making your website welcoming to all users.

Step 1: Understanding Web Accessibility

Before diving into the audit, grasp the core principles of web accessibility. It’s about creating websites that can be used by everyone, regardless of physical, neurological, or environmental limitations. Familiarize yourself with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, the gold standard for accessible web design. If you want to know more about the topic, check out our beginner’s guide.

Step 2: Leveraging Automated Testing Tools

The initial phase of your audit should employ automated testing tools, efficient in spotting straightforward accessibility issues. Consider using:

  • WAVE: A comprehensive tool that provides visual feedback on accessibility violations directly on your webpage.
  • axe: Integrates into web development tools to test for accessibility issues during the development process.
  • Google Lighthouse: Offers automated audits for performance, accessibility, and more, directly in the Chrome Developer Tools.

These tools can quickly highlight problems like missing alternative text for images, insufficient color contrast, and lack of keyboard navigability. However, they are just the starting point, offering a broad overview rather than a complete picture.

Step 3: Diving Into Manual Testing and User Experience

Automated tools have their limits. Manual testing allows you to experience your site as users with various disabilities might. This process includes navigating your website using only keyboard controls and screen readers, ensuring all content is accessible and navigable. Engaging actual users with disabilities in this testing phase can provide authentic insights into their online experience, offering valuable perspectives that tools cannot.

Step 4: Assessing Mobile Accessibility

As mobile usage continues to climb, your website must perform flawlessly on smartphones and tablets. This step involves testing for touch accessibility, ensuring responsive design, and verifying compatibility with mobile screen readers. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test can help you gauge your website’s performance on mobile devices, highlighting areas for improvement.

Step 5: Engaging Scalater’s Expertise for Deep Dive Audits

While DIY audits are a good start, Scalater’s professional services offer the depth and breadth of expertise needed to thoroughly enhance your site’s accessibility. Our team not only pinpoints both glaring and subtle accessibility issues but also implements effective, sustainable solutions. With Scalater, your website will not just comply with standards but will also offer an exemplary user experience to all visitors.

Step 6: Implementing Changes and Ensuring Ongoing Compliance

After identifying the necessary changes, the next step is implementation. This could range from simple fixes to more complex redesigns. Accessibility is a continuous effort, requiring regular reviews and updates to keep pace with evolving standards and technologies.

Why Scalater is Your Go-To Accessibility Partner

Choosing Scalater means partnering with a leader in web accessibility. Our commitment to making the digital world accessible to everyone is unmatched. We not only audit and rectify but also empower your team with the knowledge and tools to maintain accessibility standards.

In persuading you to prioritize web accessibility, we invite you to consider not just the compliance and ethical facets but the vast untapped potential of an inclusive digital presence. By entrusting Scalater with your accessibility audit, you take a decisive step toward inclusivity, innovation, and integrity in the digital realm.

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